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PokerStars New Addition to the UK Market

After years in development and working through mountains of paperwork, PokerStars has finally revealed their newest endeavor in the online gambling market in the UK- they have officially released an app. This application will be available for many different smartphones and tablets, including the oh-so-popular Apple iPad, and is currently available in the iTunes Store for download.

Just because this is a mobile gambling application does not mean that real money is required for you to play and enjoy this, there are still a variety of free roll games available for you to play. One type of game, which will likely be one of the most popular choices, are the different tournaments that one can play, making online gambling a much more convenient and portable.

The release of this application has been confirmed by the company’s Director of New Platforms, Jeffrey Haas. Haas has put of emphasis on the fact that a lot time and effort has been put into this application to turn it into a completely different and unique program, rather than simply an extension of the existing PokerStars website. The timing of this release is in close proximity to the release of their Italian launch. Right now approximately ten percent of the Italian PokerStars players are currently enjoying their version of the application, though this number is slated to gain in popularity over time, as the player database raises as well.

This application has not only gained the attention of amateur poker players and those looking for a more convenient way to quell their gambling urges, but that of professional players too. One particular player, Liv Boeree, who is a member of Team PokerStars has expressed her enthusiasm in this application, particularly how it is no longer necessary to stay parked in front of a computer to play in tournaments and cash games.

Right now the application is available in the App Store UK as well as on the PokerStars official mobile website. If you are looking for a different method, you may also want to use one of the QR codes that are available. All you have to do is scan the QR code with whatever iOS or Android device you may have. Once you download the application you can start playing to your heart’s, or wallet’s, content.